Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Book And A Snack

     One of B’s favorite daily activities is our story time. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are reading. As long as we are snuggled up together with a good story B is a very happy little boy. On occasion we come across a book which inspires an activity. Recently, we read Monica Wellington’s Crepes by Suzette. 

     It is a cute story of a woman named Suzette who sells crepes from her street cart throughout the city of Paris, France. The beautiful artwork and illustrations throughout the book are reminiscent of well known paintings and sculptures. As well, many city landmarks can be spotted within the colorful pages. 
     At the conclusion of the book is Suzette’s Crepe Recipe. I very much enjoy crepes, and after reading how simple the recipe is I just had to give it a try…. Well, B gave it a try that is. I measured the ingredients with his help and read the instructions aloud. My excited little chef mixed up the batter all by himself. (He is becoming such a big boy!)

  Once the mixture was perfect, I cooked the crepes and filled them with strawberries, blueberries and apple butter. Yum! 

     We even saved some of the batter and made chocolate chip crepes for desert with daddy the following evening. B had a wonderful time being a crepe chef just like Suzette, and I enjoyed watching him get so excited. He was SO PROUD of himself, as was I. It is truly amazing how a book can sometimes inspire a child to do something that makes them feel so great.  I highly recommend this book and the crepes too! 

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