Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tiny Robots, Big Fun!

A tiny robot with a great big personality, along with my not-so-little third grader, taught me something new and exciting over the past two weeks: Tech can be FUN! Who knew!?!

Our first week of third grade coincided perfectly with the arrival of Ozobot, a small robot I was asked to review through Tryazon. I was SOOO EXCITED to receive this package, like really, REALLY excited! I basically knew nothing about coding. However, I understand the importance of technology and want to do my very best to help my little guy learn about the world around him. And, tech is a huge part of this. 

After checking out the website, I was thrilled to start learning with our new friend. You see, the website states, "Empower your child to embrace the future and become a maker of technology, not just a user. Computer science is child's play as adventures, games and codes become as easy as laughter, when your child connects with their own power of creation." Doesn't that sound amazing?