Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playtime Is Learning Time

     Learning is something we take very seriously, and at our house PLAYTIME IS LEARNING TIME! Of course, children can learn in numerous ways, but playing seems to be the most FUN method of learning for us. While playing with his market and kitchen set little “B” talks about the colors and shapes of his toy food. He explores textures and sizes while cooking a pretend meal for his stuffed animals. And, he exercises his early reading skills by pointing out letters on his cardboard food boxes.

     I truly believe most anything can be taught through play if you just think about it creatively. Parents and children can count wooden blocks while making a tower. You can even discuss the concept of erosion while playing in the backyard sandbox. Build a beautiful castle or sand fort and watch as it slowly washes away as water is gently poured at the edges. You can even discuss gravity (and the concept of zero gravity) while dropping soft, break resistant toys off of a deck or the top of the stairs. 

     So remember, next time you are rolling around on the floor with your little one laughing from all of the tickles and jokes, grab a toy and make this wonderfully fun playtime an exciting (and still totally fun) learning experience. Happy learning!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And So It Begins

       Being a good parent is a lot of hard work, but so very rewarding! The seemingly small, everyday sweet gestures and activities of your child are the things worth remembering. At least that’s the way it is around our house. Unfortunately as I reminisce over the past 3½ years, I find these normal, daily occurrences of sweet phrases like “I just love you mommy,” squiggly art work and amazing block tower demolitions are not the easiest of moments to remember. The first time meeting Santa, the first emergency room visit, the 101st grocery store meltdown, and the daily battles to “STOP RUNNING IN THE HOUSE!!!!”… That is what is easiest for me to remember. Well, no more! I want to ensure I remember (with a little digital help) the everyday moments I share with my little guy. Thus, Learn Mommy Learn is formed.
    Learn Mommy Learn is just my way of archiving my many moments with my son, "B." Hopefully by sharing some of these moments I will also help inspire you to try a new activity, read a new book, try a new product I trust or to just make a point to spend an extra moment with a child you love. My little "B" is 3 1/2 and he LOVES learning. He seems the happiest once he has begun to understand a new concept or has come up with YET ANOTHER question to ask. One of my main hopes for him is that he will always have a joy for learning something new. I hope to foster his current love of learning into a lifetime passion that he can one day share with his own children.  
    What qualifications do I have to host a blog about education? I am a mom, therefore I am a teacher. I DO NOT have a background in education nor a teaching certificate of any kind. I did graduate from college majoring in Communications...so I like to talk (or type) a lot. You will soon discover I do not follow any particular standard teaching methodology. My teaching philosophy for “B” is broad based, incorporating many methods. I realize children are unique and different activities will appeal to different children on varying levels. I hope that you may find at least one activity, book, product, etc on this site that will be beneficial to you and your little one(s).
      In the following days/weeks/months I hope to post many of our favorite things to the blog. You can expect to see crafts, outside activities, books, recipes, products, websites, etc. As the blog matures, and hopefully gains a few followers, I hope to expand the topics covered. Thank you for taking the time to stop by Learn Mommy Learn! I would love to read any comments or suggestions you may have. Please feel free to come back soon!